Your Opportunity to Transform Your Body, Life and Health with the Support of a Caring, Positive and No Judgement Community.
For Women 40+, 

Are you ready to take control of your lifestyle and make life amazing again?

Our Healthy at Home Online Program is designed make your transformation simple and get you in the best shape ever.

We'll provide you with everything you need to be successful... motivation, mindset coaching, support and accountability you need.

All you have to do is follow our program and work with your coach. That's IT.

We believe life is meant to be lived to the fullest and working on our fitness helps us achieve that!

Feel beautiful, be strong, have lots of energy, be in control of your lifestyle and most importantly BE HAPPY.

And that's why I want to give you a special opportunity to join our in facility and Online Program for FREE. 

Are you ready to make a positive change?
Meet Coach Shelton
Hey! I'm Coach Shelton, founder of Fit Code.

It's my goal to help people transform their life when everything else has failed. I'm your number one supporter through this and it's my passion to see you achieve your goals, keep you motivated and I'm incredibly grateful for you to allow me to help you through this!
Is this program for you?
  • You want results to lose weight, tone body, work on mindset and get stronger
  • Don't have time to spend your whole life at the gym or in the kitchen but want to learn how to be healthy the simple way. 
  • Tried before and didn't see results with other diets and weight loss programs that are honestly doomed from the start.
  • Have struggled to stay motivated and keep your health in focus because life gets in the way
You'll learn how to
  • Keep a Positive Mindset through any of life's challenges
  • The right way to lose stubborn fat without sacrificing food you love
  • Simple ways to eat right so you stop gaining then losing over and over again
  • How to get stronger and tone your body
You Deserve it!
If They Can do it, So can you!
“The entire experience was great. From the first call to my final transformation check-in. There’s always something intimidating about joining something like this but all the coaches are welcoming and encouraging (even on the tough days). It didn’t take long for the me to feel like a part of their community. If they run another challenge, do it.” 
“This was scary for me. I felt like my better years were behind me. I’ve had kids, raised them and made sure the family was the priority. Talk about a duck out of the water! But I did it. The team made it easy for me to  get in shape. This is so much more than just working out from home. Beyond grateful.”
“Not gonna lie. I thought I knew what to do. I had been in shape before and figured I’d get right back into shape. Wrong. After struggling for about 6 months I found this challenge. I was able to get leaner in these 14 Days than 6 months on my own. Follow the program and see for yourself. It works.”
“This place is the real deal. The attention to detail, the welcoming and supporting staff, and the family type of feel are amazing. I’ve tried plenty of other classes. Everything here is top-notch. Glad I saw that ad!”

*This takes EFFORT! To get results you must follow the program and put in the work. We cannot guarantee your results but we can guarantee that we will be there to help you achieve your goals 100%.

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