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Many people are confused by where to start with their health and fitness journey. Step 1 is to understand where you currently score across the 8 Fitness Indicators.

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"I successfully completed the 6 week challenge! At first, I was skeptical about the whole thing. I didn't know if I would get through the 6 weeks staying compliant and getting all of my 4:15 workouts in (the early workouts were the biggest challenge for me). But once you get through that first week successfully, your motivation and momentum pick up. You start seeing results. The hunger pangs go away. You get stronger. Your cardio improves. Most importantly, you start to feel good!
"If you're considering a 6 week challenge, just remember: Listen to your coaches, ask for advice if you need it, don't worry too much about what the scale says every week and FTDI [Follow The Damn Instructions]!"
- Matthew Peter
"I conquered my challenge. When I was first referred to Fit Code i was hesitant. I'm not a person who exercises and I've always enjoyed eating what i wanted. As i get older i started gaining weight so I decided to join and it was definitely worth it. The Fit Code 6 week 15 lb challenge is a very strict program that not only teaches you how and what to eat but the program also has very strategic training exercise classes that are awesome. The exercises although challenging were rewarding. I felt good after working out. The main challenge for me is the food. The strict food options also teaches you discipline in life. I also learned alot about food. There is more to food than the taste. I've learned to read the labels. Everything that says sugar free is not necessarily sugar free. I learned that although i love carbs i cant eat them all the time. My main obstacle was eating out every day. Because the food list is very specific there is nothing you can find on the fast-food menu so i had to stop eating out which is a big deal for me.
"I highly recommend you give any of Fit Code challenges a try. I lost 16.8 lbs and 6.2 body fat. Believe me if I can do it you can do. BRING IT!!!!"
- Kimberly Diane
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